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Starstruck: Your Name in LIghts-Debut June 2,2019 (full show)

Pamela Wright‎ to Story Chicks

June 2 at 12:58 AM · 

It's time! The amazing TALENTS of these two phenomenal women provided an unexpected treat! Their performance was engaging from the first second. They immediately engaged me and I was HOOKED for the entire experience. They took their entranced audience on a journey that has been overlooked by our entire society. The Story Chicks delighted again and again as they took us back through the delights, dreams and fantasies of what it was like growing up female in America. I related to every era from dancing on daddy's toes, to reenacting all the great movies we watched as kids. My mind zeroed in on precious memories of childhood with my sister as we bellowed out our rendition of the latest tunes as kids. The beautiful, wonderful entertainers evoked memories and emotions from childhood and revealed the fact that we girls have so much in common. The story of females in our society has too long been overlooked and untold. It's time for the spotlight and the Story Chicks are an enchanting start. Dont miss this act. Seek them out and ENJOY! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!

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