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Mission Statement     

Through the exploration of memoir, creative writing and poetry, the opportunity to make true stories come alive onstage allows audiences to revisit their own personal experiences and remember stories of their own.


Meet the Story Chicks! Two writers, two dancers, two creative choreographers and directors, and two antic actors, all rolled into one tall and one small chick.  Two different people combining their stories to become a magical blend to delight and transport you back to your own childhood memories.  Magical, universal, heartfelt, tender, and hilarious.  One from Texas.  One from California. 


With many options for themes and program lengths, the Story Chicks’ engaging and imaginative writing style translates like a charm to the stage, as these gals have a knack for physical humor while always tugging at the heartstrings. Story Chicks is real life, and as Terri and CE say: "We make memories, so we can tell stories."


Story Chicks can offer workshops in conjunction with performances so participants have the chance to explore memoir, story and poetry writing, along with the opportunity to see their stories come to life on stage!


~started life out as a dancer and discovered creative writing in 1982.  She danced with The Moving Co. of Pasadena from 1973-78,  created an original dance theater work for Fringe Festival LA in 1987, and has been performing her stories and poems of childhood since 2009. Teaching and directing theater for young people and designing props and costumes professionally, along with her love of performing, has all come together in her work with Story Chicks, a co-partnership formed with Terri MartinLujan in 2013.  CE enjoys working with her ‘simpaticohort’. Hooray for the power of imagination!


"A Tale of Two Cowgirls: Texas to California" originated when both authors discovered similar themes and experiences within their works. CE's collection of Ojai poems called Fragile Borders, and Terri's essays from her collection, Growing Up Houston sparked a collaboration of work.  The integration of poetry with story, supported by dance and media, offers an opportunity for audiences to reminisce about their own childhood play.


In working together, CE and Terri discovered neighborhoods may appear different to us, but the experience of imagination and the outdoors rings similar to children everywhere.  We use imagination to create our adventures. Both storytellers hope audiences walk away with stories of their own.




“Really good, natural and compelling, a charming performance.”


                                                             ~Ina Hillebrand, Author and Publisher, Paw Press


“Very animated, poetic, upbeat, with just the right degree of characterization.”


                                                               ~Cara Newell, Life Coach and businesswoman


~is an original Texan living in California.  Retired from teaching English and theater for 30 years, she now has the opportunity to write and create her own original works.  Terri has worked in the field of literacy and learning, directed and co-produced several musicals ("Little Shop of Horrors"(2002), "Fiddler"(2005), and"Pippin"(2009) for the city of Duarte, including an original work, “Heroes Tribute, 2009” dedicated to American servicemen and women.  A dancer, a poet, a writer, and sculptress, Terri discovered a kindred kid in her playmate, CE Jordan, performing an original work, “A Tale of Two Cowgirls, Texas to California”, written and directed by Jordan and Lujan, aka Story Chicks.  Terri has ventured out with Story Chicks turning memories into stories on stage.  She is always looking for new adventures!.

"Prince's Drive-in at the A&W Rootbeer"-Food for Thought: A Delectable Journey (2015)

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